Professional Riders Organization Announces Complete Rebranding

Allison Springer, President of the professional riders organization. Leslie Threlkeld Photo.

Allison Springer, President of the professional riders organization. Leslie Threlkeld Photo.

The Professional Riders Organization (PRO) is pleased to announce a complete rebranding taking place in 2017. PRO seeks to be the independent voice of event riders at all levels in North America, and the new structure and mission of the organization will reflect that objective.

“Our goal has always been to promote the sport of eventing, safety and fairness and we have always advocated on behalf of athletes whether they were or were not members of PRO,” said Allison Springer, President of PRO and a four-star event rider.

“We believe in the community of eventers and that there should be no divide, perceived or real, between the upper and lower levels. There are professionals and amateurs alike as well as sponsors, owners, organizers, officials and spectators at all levels, and our sport will only prosper with a collaborative approach. I believe this rebranding is an extremely important step in bringing together the people who enjoy our sport.”

Since its establishment in 2009, PRO has contributed to significant improvements in increasing exposure and interest on the professional side of the sport in North America. PRO has also worked closely with the Eventing Riders Association (ERA) to support the interests of riders as the sport evolves internationally and the new mission will continue carry on the responsibility as the North American arm of the ERA.

Over the years, however, PRO has steadily increased membership level options to benefit more than just top athletes. The organization feels it is time now to open up the membership and become a fully collaborative voice between eventing participants, competitions and the sport’s governing bodies.

“This Board recognizes the need to migrate to something that is more inclusive and has a broader voice and input for where the sport is going,” said Jane Murray, a member of the PRO Board and Carolina International Organizing Committee. “Our new mission will be to provide the sport’s governing bodies and events an objective voice for continuing to grow and have a broad-based impact on the commercial future of eventing.”

The organization seeks to be an outlet for riders to voice their concerns and trust that their opinions will be heard and considered by the governing bodies of the sport. PRO undertakes to work in concert with the US Eventing Association (USEA) and US Equestrian (USE, formerly USEF) to achieve the common purpose of promoting and improving the sport.

“There are many valuable points of view within the sport, and incorporating a pure voice from the riders will help foster a collaborative and supportive environment for the good of the sport overall,” Springer said.

In the coming months, PRO will unveil a new website, new logo, and a clear mission statement and launching strategy. Stay tuned for more news and information regarding the rebranding.